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When it comes to getting your first home loan, the process can be a bit daunting. We are proud to be the first choice for the first home buyers, only because we are extremely passionate about helping young couples move in to their own homes. With access to more than 25 lenders, we will help you find the right home loan for your first property!


We have helped many investors find the best finance options for their investment properties, options that allow them to expand their portfolio with the help of right loan structuring and features. If you are looking to purchase your first, second or third investment property and need the right loan, give us an opportunity and we will make sure you get placed to the right lender.


The construction loan requires right level of knowledge and expertise of the building process and the documentation. When you come to us for a construction loan, we not only find you the cheapest finance option but also ensure that the option is right for you. We help you throughout the drawdowns until your house is complete. Please get in touch with our home loan expert to find out more about our construction loan options.


When you get a home loan for the first time, it does not perform the same way forever and that is why we conduct a home loan health check for our clients’ home loans to ensure they keep saving on their mortgages and become mortgage free sooner. If you wish find out our best refinance offers, please give a call to discuss the options.


It is difficult to see hundreds of dollars going towards the interest charges for your credit cards, personal loans and other consumer debts. Some of our debt consolidation products are designed to help people with high personal debts in reducing the interest charges. To find out more about our debt consolidation options, please get in contact with our debt consolidation expert today!


At smart select we have wide variety of options available for vehicle finance. Whether you need a loan for a brand-new car or used vehicle, we can compare and find the best car loan deal possible. To find out more about our car loans, please contact us on the details below.



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